America’s Incoherent Dealings With Pakistan, Hillary Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton again lamented America’s ‘incoherent’ dealings with Pakistan over the last 30 years. She made it clear that Washington had abandoned Islamabad once the Soviets were forced to withdraw from Afghanistan. It was also implied that the US had supported military dictators instead of the people of Pakistan. Now, according to Ms Clinton, the US is busy building a ‘clear, honest’ relationship with the popularly elected government in Pakistan. Also on Tuesday, she announced an additional $110m in emergency relief for persons displaced by the fighting in Malakand

I say that

United States and the Pakistan have superficially been allies since the Cold War. America has driven billions in this country in the form of cash and weapons and Pakistan in turn, have enthusiastically done its bidding and especially during the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. US also funded the Musharraf regime in the years following 9/11, a period noticed by remarkable economic ‘development’ and an external sense of success. Yet associations among the two have frequently been strained. Pro-American sentiment runs high among the general public and recent months also saw a good relations on the government-to-government level.

The suffering in the region is sensitive and America has completed fine to pull out a suitable helping hand. Food aid from the US will succeed more friends among the people rather than delivery of weapons to the army.

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