Chances of More Casualties If Air Attacked, Javed Ashraf Qazi

When asking to Lt. Colonel Javed Ashraf Qazi (Rtd.) in an interview by a local news channel that "why the army is not yet overcome the situation in Sawat, Buner & Dir" he said in his answer that Pak Army has cleared the major area from Taliban militants and the remaining portion of the operation is delaying becasue of hideout of the Taliban militants in houses and if army uses air bombing or gunship heli fighteres then there will be a solid chance of casualties of children, women and other civilian, Lt. Colonel Javed Ashraf Qazi has also describe the future action of this operation that it is likely to be home to home examination/checking of militants in which chances or percentage of casualties will be lower.

The same news channel also released a news that persons, civilians or mohajirin who trying to leave or escape the area are brutally slaughter by Taliban through cutting their necks and hanging them on streets.

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