Extremists, Dictation On Islam Not Acceptable: PM Gilani

Prime Minister Yousf Raza Gilani said here in Islamabad that we do not want to take dictation by extremists on Islam and parliament. Militants were working on foreign agenda and wanted to create a state within the state. Addressing a meeting of Peoples Party's central executive committee, prime minister said army achieves victory with the help of nation. He said disinformation being spread to undermine Pakistan. No foreign government or agency has given sensitive information. Premier said country is facing economic and terror challenges. Political leadership was taken into confidence about military operation and cabinet and Nation Assembly fully endorsed the action. He said militants had violated the agreement and challenged the state's writ in Swat. Gilani made it clear that no compromise will be made on country's sovereignty.

I say that

This will clarify the Pakistan's view on Islam that Islam is not the religion of extremism and that is why not tolerate any interference in the name of Islam as Taliban are trying to impose currently in Sawat, Dir, Buner or other areas of country, our prime minister are the person who lead the country in a correct manner and his vision is in accordance with the rules of Islam and our nation is also with him and we will definitely defeat the Taliban.

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