Huge Explosion in Lahore Causes Casualties, VOPN

LAHORE: A powerful car bomb blast occurred outside an emergency police service office on Civil Lines near Mall road in Pakistani city Lahore on Wednesday, killing near about 13 people and wounding 240 others.

"It was a strong bomb blast. It damaged several buildings and cars and shattered windows," said police spokesperson Nayyab Haider. Haider said he had no information about wounded persons, but an eye witness said he saw several injured people. In the meantime, Raja Riaz, a leading minister in the provincial government told that about 35 people were killed.

District Coordination Officer Lahore Sajjad Bhutta confirmed it was a suicide car bomb blast.

I say that

If it is confirmed to be a suicide bombing then there would be no way to admit that “Taliban is behind all this” because the Lahore explosion comes in that time when soldiers are fighting activists in the Swat district in the northwest of the countryside in its most intensive operation to move back an increasing Taliban insurgency.

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