Pakistan Army Chief In Talks With NATO

“Pakistan’s Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani is in Brussels where he will hold talks with top alliance officials” says NATO, NATO gave no particulars of the agenda. However, the meeting comes as the U.S. presses for closer management of military and civilian efforts on both sides of the Pakistani-Afghan border. Ashfaque Kayani last visited NATO in November 2008, when he urged the alliance's military commanders to focus on winning the population's backing in those areas to prevent Taliban and Al-Qaida militants from using them as safe havens. Pakistan's army is busy in a major offensive in the Swat valley and adjacent districts. The action follows American pressure to root out militant hideouts along the permeable border.

I say that

NATO has more experience than the Pakistan army and NATO Commanders has also a fresh experience of recent war against terror in Iraq & Afghanistan the visit of Ashfaq Kiyani will definitely beneficial to him in view of war strategy.

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