Releasing Prisoners Snaps Would Be Dangerous, General Petraeus

Releasing pictures of the suspected abuse of convicts in U.S. detention could harm Pakistan's exertions to fight activists as well as enhance the hazards to American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, the top U.S. chief in the region has told a federal judge. Gen. David Petraeus says, "Militant and extremist groups would use these images". The court documents urging a judge to keep the pictures under wraps, Gen. David Petraeus argued they would have a "destabilizing effect" on Pakistan and other U.S. partners in the battle against the Al Qaeda activists’ set-up. "Recently released photographs representing exploitation of detainees in U.S. military detention in Afghanistan and Iraq would negatively influence the ongoing attempts by Pakistan to oppose its inside activist threat," wrote Petraeus, the chief of U.S. Central command.

I say that

General Petraeus idea is not saying wrong, releasing of such snaps at a time when Pakistan’s military is achieving success in northwest of the country will definitely affect the Pakistani efforts to get control upon activists.

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