US Elated With Pakistan’s Swat Offensive, General James Jones

General James Jones, Adviser of White House National Security told a Washington think-tank on Wednesday evening that “he was inspired also by the ‘receptiveness’ of the Pakistani nation to the military offensive”. ‘The armed forces response so far has the support of the Pakistani people,’ Gen Jones added. ‘The government’s popularity has shot up a little bit in the polls and that is going to have an effect in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan.’ He, still, recognized that it was too soon to determine outcome of the revamped US plan for Afghanistan and Pakistan, but its outlook for victory should turn into clear within a year. He further said ‘With the right metrics and the right benchmarks, I think that we should know within in a year whether this strategy is going to be successful’.He further added that the US plan involved much more than forces victory. ‘It’s not about how many troops you put on the ground,’ Gen Jones said. ‘It’s whether you can achieve security, economic development and governance and the rule of law simultaneously.’

I say that

The government and the people who hold the military action as a way to fight the Taliban of NWFP are arrogant to declare that 'it is our war', i.e. we are not carrying out these forces action at the will of the US, but because we are induced that the activists are a risk to Pakistan's existence. This is one of the most complicated time of Pakistan's record, every next day, Prime Minister Gilani and President Zardari excitedly publicize the overall situation of northwest of Pakistan That shows very sound expectation that the PPP government will provide a vision to lead the country out of this crisis.

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