American CIA Thinks Osama Is in Pakistan

Osama Bin Laden is still in Pakistan, and the spy agency is hoping to close in on him as that country's military cracks down on the northwestern tribal area where he is thought to be hiding, said by Leon Panetta Director of CIA after a conversation on Capitol Hill yesterday, he further said finding Bin Laden remains one of the CIA's top priorities, "I guess one of our hopes is that as Pakistani military moves in, combined with our operations, we may have a better chance to get at him,".

It is another shocking news for a country who not yet stands upon its feet from consecutive suicide bombing, internally displace persons’ problems and operation against activists and if CIA’s believe is not wrong then we will not deny the fact that Osama is directing and guiding the activists in the northwest area, however Mr. Panetta do not provide any proof of his belief but if we look the overall situation of the northwest of the country side then chances of such belief will not be ignored. As per US intelligence records around 90,000 US and international forces are currently helping 160,000 Afghan forces fight a Taliban insurgency across southern and eastern Afghanistan, but Al Qaeda's presence and influence is thought to be concentrated along the eastern border with Pakistan and this could be extended to Pakistan if Osama is likely be there.

Above review is based on Gulf news

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