Bangladesh Is On Target

Bangladesh has directed security stepped up at government mechanisms across the country amid fears of possible attacks by criminal gangs, officials said on Monday.
The alert comes as the Bangladesh prepares to put on trial soon after this month dozens of people assumed to have committed war offenses during Bangladesh's 1971 war of independence.
Law Minister Shafique Ahmed told "We have sent a letter to the home ministry to take measures against any militant threat or action on the basis of intelligence reports,"
Security officials also fear a backlash following the recent arrest of three close associates of underworld gangster Daud Ibrahim. They admitted to a judicial magistrate of having run a underground criminal network for Daud.

In May 28, 2009 post of VOPN it is mentioned that Somalia could be the next target of activists and now Bangladesh is facing the same crisis and to tighten the security at government installations by the Bangladehsi government proofs that something is going out of the way there, these news are coming on a time when Pakistani security forces are close to an end of their northwest operation (Operation Rah i Raast) and this means that leadership of these activist groups is turn away their strategy after facing defeat in Afghanistan and recently in Pakistan and simultaneously if it is said that think tank or leadership of these groups are sitting somewhere else and making their plans independently and freely then the idea would not be the wrong one.

If took a look in past and analyze the whole situation then we would find that this was started soon after WTC incident in Sep 11, 2001 when George W. Bush the then President of United States in respond to these attacks launched a "War on Terrorism", and marching into Afghanistan to remove the Taliban, who had harobored al-Qaeda’s activists, and passing the USA PATRIOT Act, then after few years when US established a democratic government in Afghanistan, a hijacking drama took place in a five star hotel in India, as usual Indian government passed the statement that Pakistan involved in it and after arresting of Ajmal Qassab the master mind and main leader of this whole drama who accept that he comes through the water channel of Pakistan, US and other countries were urging Pakistan to control the situation and then Pakistan started its operation Rah i Raast and when this operation is nearby its completion news of Somalia and Bangladesh is in front of world, so what can I say more? Now every one of you could understand the situation.

Above review is based on Reuters news

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