Bomb Blast in Peshawar City of Pakistan, News

A huge truck bomb Tuesday struck the only 5 star hotel in Peshawar, a city of northwest Pakistan, killing at least 15 and injuring 65, with several foreign nationals among the wounded.
The Pearl Continental Hotel has been a familiar sight in the center of the North West Frontier Province, protected by tight security. Peshawar's elite also used the hotel as a meeting and dining place, and at least one provincial minister was among the injured.

Activists attacks are increasing day by day and the explosive bomb hit combined with gunfire rather than just a suicide bombing has become a trait of the terrorists, the activists used the same strategy in Peshawar blast as they used in Rescue 15 building in Lahore blast last month, which killed around 32 people.

The blast in PC hotel here in Peshawar (northwest city of Pakistan) is the response of ongoing security forces’ operation in northwest of Pakistan. We the people of Pakistan should build unanimity in the current situation as because there is possibility of more activists’ attacks. Government should have to take severe action against the management of security department if there were security error which directed to this sad event.

Above review is based on Yahoo news

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