Maulana Alam, Izzat Khan Killed In Sakhakot Clashes, ISPR

ISPR said that the Deputy Ameer of Tahreek e Nifaz Shariat e Muhammadi (TNSM) and spokesman Ameer Izzat Khan have been killed in a exchange of fire between security forces and activists in Sakhakot,. One Army personnel has also been martyred and five injured in the fight.

It is quite better that their case should be executed in a civil court in front of general public/civilians rather then killing them in so called “clash” so that reasons and other facts of such a big aggression in the northwest would be exposed throughout the world and opinion would be gathered to cease the option for happening it again in the future.

Yesterday ISPR confirmed that they detained Molana Alam, Ameer Izzat and other leaders in Malakand Fort now they are saying that they have been killed in a clash this story is out of mind and required probing by the Government, the army is answerable of this incident to the public.

Above review is based on Geo news

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