Military Sources Denied The Claim of Sufi Mohammad Arrest

The ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations) declared that three Afghan activists along with the three leading Tanzim Nifaz Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) members were arrested. Official sources confirmed the arrest of Maulana Alam and Amir Izzat but expressed ignorance about Sufi’s arrest. The sources told that security forces raided Bilal Mosque, which serves as the control center for the banned party and arrested Maulana Muhammad Alam, Amir Izzat Khan, Maulana Said Wahab and Salman. All of the TNSM leaders were moved to Malakand Fort.

A confusion has been created when it was reported by the local private tv channels that the provincial government as saying that Chief of Tanzim Nifaz Shariat-e-Muhammadi Sufi Mohammad has been arrested with his two sons Rizwanullah and Ziaullah and other leaders of the banned organization including its deputy chief Maulana Muhammad Alam and Amir Izzat Khan by security forces on Thursday during a raid on Bilal Mosque. But military sources denied the claim saying that no such arrest had been made. The provincial government, however, was later reported as having denied making any such confirmation.

I say that

The story is not ended yet army have to fight unless the detention of last activist. A top Pakistani commander Major General Ijaz Awan informed that leading Taliban leaders are still at large, maybe across the river from Mingora in the Kabal area. He thought reconstruction of broken towns and re-shifting refugees would be serious trial noting. He further told that a lot of the weapons found with the activists were Russian made, while others had no marking but materialized to be Chinese made. The army confirms that it has killed more than 1,200 insurgents in the month-old offensive in Swat and surrounding districts. The government also has to contend with a rise in militant activity in other parts of the country, including suicide attacks that officials say are revenge for the Swat offensive.

After detention of Molana Mohammad Alam and Amir Izzat by the security forces there was no sign of civilian life in the Swat’s central city, nor Taliban. One corner to the other corner of river stood activist stronghold, jogging the Army memory that its job was not ended.

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