Pakistan Has Started Production of JF-17

Pakistan has started assembling of the first Pakistani-built JF-17 Thunder multi role combat aircraft today . Chief of the air staff, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman inaugurated the construction in a ceremony at Kamra. Top military and civilian officials of Pakistan and China attended the ceremony.

This success will enhance Pakistan’s air power in the region and at international scale, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman said.

China is the best friend of our country, this is not for the first time that she associates us but our past is full from the help and association of China, but I think that this is for the first time that a war project is highlighted globally.

China is not supporting us only in defense side but its association is on corporate and industrial level too and she is playing a big part and role on that side not only through financial sources but also with her talented and qualified workforce. We remember the oil pipeline project from Karachi (Sindh) to Mehmood Kot (Punjab) after that we have a quick source of oil supply rather then 4-5 days of road transport and recently built sea port of Gawadar and list is continuing.

And we will not forget the talented Chinese engineers who gave their lives in local/domestic riots at Sui & Jamia Hafsa and Laal Masjid in Islamabad, we are proud of Chinese nation and we love them.

Furtherly these war fighter are also take part in ongoing operations Raah i Raast and Raah i Nijaat continued in Swat, Malakand, Dir, Buner and other northwestern areas.

Long live China and long live Pak-China friendship.

An Animated Promo of JF 17

Above review is based on Apakistannews news

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