Richard Holbrooke Will Visit Pakistan This Week

Richard Holbrooke the U.S. Ambassador said on that "Monday he will visit Pakistan this week to assess relief efforts to help the estimated 2 million people who have fled a Pakistani offensive against the Taliban and said more may become homeless if the conflict widens".

I say that

One economist gives an opinion that we allow inflation to run uncontrolled because it cannot be controlled. Instead we should think on protecting the poor through shelter nets. Who the poor are? Where they are? How they are to be contacted, what kind of shelter nets are predicted and at what cost is left uncertain.

An attractive gossip is that the establishment might induce the World Bank into loaning quick paying money to Pakistan that is termed as “fast disbursing money” and also verify that our macroeconomic condition is adequate for business/investment. If it is assumed as true then the situation would be the same that is in late 90’s before Pervaiz Musharaf’s regime (Nawaz’s periods). It is a reality that contributors/donors, shared, have required, without a doubt has always insisted on, a recognized IMF plan as a pre-condition of their undertaking of aid. As it is the contributors/donors who give the volume of the financing, IMF only setting up about 10 per cent of the desired financing, IMF have a concern in making concrete that their funds have been used properly. Besides, this support must be used in the perspective of several kind of overall program. Main prominently to donors/contributors, the program should have the official seal of sanction of the IMF on the macroeconomic condition and their financial contribution. Getting donors to pledge resources in the context of an IMF programme is the IMF's "catalytic" role working as it was designed to do.

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