Taliban Supplied With Guns & Cash from Afghanistan, Pakistan

Image from bloomberg.com

Pakistan says Taliban insurgents fighting security forces in the country’s northwest are supplied with guns, cash, transport and communications from Afghanistan. “Each Kalashnikov and every bullet is being provided to the Taliban from Afghanistan and the Pakistan government has raised this issue with the Afghan government,” Interior Minister Rehman Malik said yesterday, state media reported.

Pakistan rightly demand for “monitoring system” on two borders, as it is crystal clear after a recent raid of Pak Army on a group of activist who coming from Afghan border carrying with them rocket launchers and other weapon that supplies to Taliban is coming from none other then Afghanistan, as because there is no other source that could support the activist. Taliban supply-line or supply-chain is only through this side if you see the map of Pakistan below and pointed towards northwest area you may observe that the eastern side of northwest is the Pakistani Punjab situated while on the southern side is Baluchistan and the upper or northern side there is Gilgit & Kashmir and Afghanistan is on southern side all other sides including Baluchistan, Gilgit, Kashmir & Punjab are covered and monitored by the Pak Army the only side where Pak Army has a loose grip is the Afghan border because of Taliban insurgency and that is the only point where from Taliban is feeding up.

Map from www.nationsonline.org

Above review is based on Bloomberg news

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