Gilani Optimistic About Talks With India

Gilani is due to meet Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the margins of a Non-Aligned Movement summit in Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt. Their top diplomats will meet there on Tuesday.

Pakistan wanted cordial relations with all its neighbors, Gilani told reporters before his departure.

I mentioned this thing many time in my previous posts that there will be no peace in the region until these two main countries of the Asian continent come across a table, whether through dialogues or through back door diplomacy or back door channel (to minimize the chances of bureaucracy involvement so that the dialogues have some positive end).

Secondly dialogues plays an important and vital role to solve any issue between the states, it is the basics of a good start, if we want to develope a strong relation with India we have to choose this option so that we can built a good friendship with her same like as we have with China, Malaysia, Indosia and countries in the region.

Above review is based on Dawn news

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