India & Pakistan Discuss Resuming Talks

Image from ap.org

The prime ministers of India and Pakistan had a rare encounter Thursday on the sidelines of a Non-Aligned Movement summit in effort to defuse tensions between the two nuclear powers after last year's terrorist attacks. The much anticipated meeting came after a seven-month freeze in the political dialogue between the two historic adversaries after a days-long assault by gunmen from Pakistan left 166 people dead in India's financial capital of Mumbai.

Hope that this will beginning of a new and good relation between two countries, I am praying from Almighty that this relation will remain till the end of this earth. We had enough war in past but the nation of both side wants no more fight they need peace in the region with healthy relation with each other. Pakistan is not a narrow heart state, its public is always ready to shake hand with its neighbor country and hope that within a short period of time we will be doing so, Inshaallah.

Above review is based on AP news

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