Indian Security Guards Killed a Pakistani Citizen at Wagah, Report

Islamabad has ordered a probe into the alleged killing of a Pakistani national by the Indian security forces at the Wagah border crossing, a media report said Sunday. The Pakistani youth died after India's Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers exchanged fire at the Wagah border Saturday night, the online news agency reported. According to the report, the Indian security guards opened fire to stop a man from crossing over to India.

These type of border incidents increase whenever any issue has to be discussed between two countries or when two countries are coming closer with each other and innocent refugees has been given their lives for past many years. Indian forces are doing so because they want to take the chance to exaggerate the issue and turn the dialogue into a state of war situation. This practice of Indian forces has numerous instances in past one of the famous were the destroying of 2 Pakistani Jet Fighters in 90’s by the Indian security forces when they flying a routine check flight near Indo-Pak border. Indian forces claimed that these Jets have crossed the Indian border.

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