Pak Army Faces 2 Way Fight After End of Peace Deal

A decision by Taliban militants to withdraw from a peace deal in a tribal region close to the Afghan border threatens to open a new front for the Pakistan army as it battles the insurgents in two other areas.

Militants close to the border are behind a spate of bombings that are destabilizing nuclear-armed Pakistan. They are also blamed for attacks on Western troops in Afghanistan, where violence is running at record levels eight years after the U.S.-led invasion.

The disintegration of the truce in North Waziristan was the latest failure of a government pact with local Taliban leaders. The agreements have been criticized abroad because they effectively cede space to the insurgents.

Peace deal actually is part of a strategy by the Taliban and the Government of Pakistan did not understand it at that time and become part of it fately that is why peace deal was not disclosed publicly, because if it was showed to the public there will be vital chances of its resistance by the civil society generally, the commander, Gul Bahadur, who leads the Taliban in North Waziristan, ended his pact with Islamabad and endangered more attacks on the army after an attack on a military convoy in his area Sunday claimed the lives of at least 16 soldiers.

Pakistan's military had required to impound the fight in Waziristan to Baitullah Mehsud, an opponent of Bahadur and an supporter of al Qaida who's led the militant invasions of numerous other areas in northwest Pakistan , but Pak Army finds itself facing both Baitullah Mehsud and Bahadur, as well as a third Taliban leader in the area adjoining Afghanistan . Maulvi Nazir, an supporter of Bahadur, also announced the end of a peace agreement with Pakistan in recent days.

Until at the moment, Nazir and Bahadur had alert on the mutiny in Afghanistan , intimidating the U.S. led alliance there but not Pakistan , and if Pakistan endures in its offensive, the fight in Waziristan, a stand for Afghan activists and for al Qaida , is possible to have consequences in future.

A spokesman for Bahadur, Ahmadullah Ahmadi said "This accord is being scrapped because of Pakistan's failure to stop the American drone attacks in North and South Waziristan , since the army is attacking us in North and South Waziristan , we will also attack them."

The USA and other Western countries have been serious of Pakistan's history of peace deals with selected Taliban activists, and they sight Bahadur and Nazir as a hazard to Afghanistan .

Above review is based on AP news


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