Pakistan Most Important Country, Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke said Pakistan is the most important country of the world adding that it is still unclear if Pakistan's offensive in Swat has killed off Taliban insurgents or simply scattered them, adding a note of caution to U.S. praise for the effort.

Firstly, our nation must thankful to Mr. Holbrooke on his endeavors that he is doing for the region. After being blamed by the United States of abandoning to a Taliban revolution that has keen concerns about nuclear armed Pakistan's strength, the Pakistani government commenced an operation in Swat in April and says it has since killed some 1,700 activists or Taliban guerillas. Security forces are nearing the end of that operation in the Swat valley, Malakand, Buner and the nearby areas, but the Pak army still faces some resistance in these areas.

Nearby 2 million people were displaced by the fighting and now government with the help of UN and other organizations sent back many of them to their homes. The government of Pakistan has made so much effort to fight for saving its people and its stability but everything takes time to have some effect, and one day Pakistan will definitely come out of these crises, Inshallah.

Above review is based on GEO News

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