Pakistan Plans Only Air Attacks in Waziristan Offensive

Pakistan's forthcoming military operation in Waziristan will rely on air power rather than on ground offensives, an approach that isn't likely to eliminate the homegrown extremists and probably will disappoint Western allies, according to Pakistani officials and analysts.

As per Lt. Colonel Javed Ashraf Qazi statement which was given by him on May 15, 09 that “if army uses air bombing or gunship heli fighteres then there will be a solid chance of casualties of children, women and other civilian”, so what I’m thinking now is a question of matter that if army has to use air strike then it had to be used in 2 months back if the the same strategy was used at that time then the results would have been different today. Secondly if air strike has been used today then army have to plan a fool proof strategy to reduce the chances of innocent human casualities.

Above review is based on Yahoo news

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