Security forces wind up operation in Swat, Buner

Speaking at a press conference with military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas here, he said the possibility of isolated incidents of terrorism in the areas cannot be ruled out; as such individual acts can take place even in the settled areas despite all security arrangements.

He said the final schedule for the return of internally displaced persons would be announced in couple of days. He said the repatriation will take place in phases. He said 280,237 IDP families had got themselves registered and over 100,000 have been issued visa cards to withdraw a one time cash grant of Rs. 25,000. He said an amount of around 1.5 billion has so far been withdrawn by the affected people through the cards.

So the Pakistani military on Friday seemed to be winding down its 61-day anti-Taliban operations in Swat and two other districts of the northwest and was focusing on mopping up operations in the areas that have been cleared of the militants. A warm congratulation from the nation of Pakistan to Pak army & Security forces for doing their best job to win this critical war.

Above review is based on Dawn news

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