Tree Planting Record, Well Done Pakistan

Guinness World Records confirmed that 541,176 trees had been planted in the southern province of Sindh on 15 July. Some 300 volunteers, working in groups, planted mangrove saplings in the 750 acres of the Indus river delta region. They beat the previous team record for tree planting which was set in India just last month when 447,874 saplings were planted in Assam state. Pakistan's tree-planting marathon was witnessed by representatives of Guinness World Records and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

After T20 World Cup this is the second good news in this year, we proud of our provincial government , management, other workers & those who either directly or indirectly involved in making this historic record,may Allah will shower His blessings more and more in coming days on our country and to those people too. Inshallah.

Above review is based on BBC news

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  1. Dear Wasi, Thank you very much for your words. I really appreciate it.
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