U.S. House Backs $ 48.8 Billion Foreign Aid Funding Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved a $48.8 billion spending bill to bolster U.S. foreign policy and aid efforts, including to allies like Pakistan and Afghanistan. The legislation includes $2.7 billion in foreign aid for Afghanistan and $1.5 billion for Pakistan as they fight Taliban militants. It also provides $2.2 billion for Israel, another close U.S. ally, for the fiscal year 2010 that starts October 1.

For rehabilitation of IDPs Pakistan needs more fund and this fund will definitely be helpful, USA now aiding Pakistan like a good friend and we will hope that this will strengthen the relation between two countries. But we also hope that the rest of the countries of world will also help us in this tough and difficult time, we could make the things better and to do this we need hands and funds as well.

Above review is based on Reuters news

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