Death of Mehsud Is Not Confirmed, ISPR

ISPR spokesperson Major General Athar Abbas confirmed on Friday that there is no confirmation of Baitullah Mehsud death. There is no big news like this one for Pakistan, but firstly this has to confirm that whether Mehsud is still alive or not because if Mehsud is trying to hide him or making himself off seen then it is the most dangerous aspect of Taliban war. Baitullah Mehsud will then rebuild his alliance and would create a big trouble in future for Pakistan, we could not forget the Osama Bin Laden's practice as he did during Afghan war and from then to now there is no clue of him and he is still a trouble for the world and especially for USA, if Baitullah Mehsud is practicing the same policy then Security Forces have to plan a fool proof strategy to tackle this situation otherwise it would be an out of control situation in future.

Government of Pakistan wants Baitullah Mehsud for his involvement in the assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in Dec 2007 and several other cases, USA had rewarded his head for 5 million US dollars.

Above review based on Bignewsnetwork news

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