Electricity Failure-Is There Any Solution? Part-1

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I am in 2nd rakat of taravih and suddenly darkness has covered all the mosque, electricity supply failed again at least 3rd time in that day, what is the solution of this problem? Every namazi asking this question from others after the Isha prayer. When I was awaken at sehri there is darkness, when we are doing aftari we have out of electric and similar sentences of this type you can hear anywhere, and if there is no power supply failure then voltages are too low that you can hardly operate or use any electrical appliance or if you do so then you will never use that appliance again as either its motor winding would be burst or some other part or internal material would be damaged, my local refrigerator mechanic has over 20 refrigerator to repair as either the wiring of compressors are burst or main supply line has been choked due to low voltages the mechanic also provides home services to fix refrigerators at home according to him the home complains are almost double from shop, same condition is the tv mechanic he has so much load at his shop, I am seeing this problem of electricity in Pakistan since my childhood but after reaching to age of 30 I am hardly see any type of solution of the electricity, each day 4 to 6 hours of load shading and in some areas this duration is almost double, even the month of June & July you would have to face this bad situation in hottest days of summer.

This is the situation of general public when we come towards commercial and industrial sector the condition is even more worse than what at the households, "I can not complete my order at time, my buyer is giving order to my competitors who have big generator installed at there factories" said by a brass handicraft manufacturer, "my sale is half than the last year due to electricity break down and the prices of general living are increasing day by day," said by an stitching wire factory owner in Korangi. Every single person is affected from the hazards of this load shading.

When we talk about our export sector that is the back bone of our economy, we have to face more bitter facts, the industrial sector of Faisalabad is totally wind up/shut down as because of 10 to 12 hours and even long period break down of power supply, our direct export revenue was 11 billion US dollars in 2003 the indirect revenue figures are other than it, huge sum at that time near about 60% to 70% of total GNP of Pakistan economy, I don't know what is the exact figures in these days but it reduces to more than 30% now according to some reliable and valid resources a great loss and only because of electricity failure.

It has been announced that street lights will be operating through solar system batteries and if it successful then this system would also be extended to other areas but I can't see anything of such type till the writing of these lines. Germany where sun could hardly be seen in few days or weeks of a year major plants and even power houses are operated through solar energy, Denmark has the largest wind park at sea that produces of electricity from air, Japan is producing electricity from sand, scrap of iron and even from chicken's sullage but Pakistan has nothing to produce to overcome this problem as it has 20 or 30 years old machines/plants that still producing electric although that already expires.

Who can solve this problem? When would be this fix? Nobody knows, as our leaders have to fight for there own existence not for Pakistan.

Above post is based on following news

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