Pakistan Challenges Taliban to Show Mehsud

Rehman Malik asked Taliban to prove their claim that Baitullah Mehsud is still breathing because the government has "authentic information" that he was killed last week.

So the drama is not yet end, Government of Pakistan and USA combinely have the same statement that "Baitullah Mehsud is no more", while on the other hand Taliban spokesman is saying that he is still alive, wait for a moment and think for a while that if Taliban is saying that Mehsud is till alive then why they are choosing his successor? Is Mehsud's term has been end? Or Taliban is running upon electoral college to choose his next leader after expiration of previous leader's terms? If the answer of both question is yes then could Taliban bear a change of the leadership at the moment when it faces the most extremist action against them. Think in the light of these question you may got your answer.

Above review based on Bloomberg news

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