I Could Hardly Survive From The Disaster

It was a nice Monday morning everything looks fine and I have decided to attend and capture some of the nice moments in my digital cam of the cortege of A'ashoora, however after two consecutive bomb explosion (first on 7th Moharram ul Haram at Khilafat Chowk, Paposh Nagar and the second one on 9th Moharram ul Haram at Qasba Colony) it was looking hard that this religious ceremony would end peacefully, my mother also trying to stop me but I can not do so as because it's my routine since 1998 and I don't want to leave good habits right now.

Anyway I picked up my DG cam and reached to Nishter Park, Numaish Chowrangi to attend the cortege, when I crossed the Light House Signal walking through with the religious cortege of A'shoora a huge blast occurred at the back side of me and everyone was running here and there to save his life, I was hardly survive myself and stand under a tree to capture the moments but a crowed coming from opposite side hit me and I loose my balance my digital camera dropped from my hand and crushed badly, people run over me. When my eyes was open I found myself in Agha Khan Hospital, it was said that Taliban excepted the claim of explosion but I still don't understand why they are doing that? What they are want now? Is it an act of Muslim to attacked upon a religious cortege?

Lastly I want to pay special thanks to my uncle Mr. Arif Temuri (ex president of Gulbahar & Rizvia Ward of Pakistan Peoples Party) who provide a nice lap top to me upon my request so that I can write these lines as because I missed the important post about this day but I want to share these crucial moments of my life with the world however lately.

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