Relation of Pak-US Is On Risk

The chief US diplomat Hilary Clinton told the Senate Armed Services Committee “The unity of support that the people of Pakistan are showing against militants is profoundly significant, but, as we have said, it is not enough”.

While on the other hand Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said these words in an interview with CNN that “We are not service provider, no one has any right to judge our performance, nor we are working for anyone, this is our own war, we are fighting for our country,”. He further said that however we have good defense co-operation with US but US never provide us any effective information about Osama Bin Laden.

PM Gilani’s above statement could be considered as an answer to Clintons’ “do more” mantra. Pakistan successfully carrying its operations against militants and achieved its targets through operation Raah-i-Raast and Raah-i-Nijaat. However, huge disagreement from Pakistani Nation and civil society Pakistan still firing drones and probably under US direction but Pakistan could not fulfill US “do more” requirement, we don’t know what US demands further but these kind of diplomatic statements will create miss-understandings and would lead to break Pak-US relations.

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