Views on Supreme Court's Decision on NRO

However Supreme Court of Pakistan made a historical decision on NRO but many views and suggestions has been recorded by some politicians and members of civil society, the leading statement in this connection has been given by Salman Taseer Governor of Punjab that "if Supreme Court will open money laundering cases then I will provide proofs of Shareef Brothers involvement into it". Second leading statement has been given by Dr. Sher Afgan Niazi (ex-Federal Minister) that "I have proofs of Sugar Mills Machinery/Equipment Imported by Mr. Nawaz Sharif during his Prime Minister-ship without import duty and taxes through SRO violation if SC will open the cases then he could provide proofs to SC as well". Imran Khan Chairman of Tehrik-i-Insaaf says that "Now after Supreme Court's decision on NRO that it is against the constitution Asif Zardari has to resign himself from the Presidency". A general public opinion in this regard that is recorded by various news channels and news papers is this that Supreme Court of Pakistan has made a good decision on NRO and SC has to open other cases of corruption, money laundering and all other corruption cases against politicians that is either not yet opened or not yet filed if SC likely to stand itself as neutral.

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