Army Itself Is Unsafe From Suicide Bombing

However it's a matter of national integrity but truth is truth the recent suicide bomb attack in Tarar Khal (near about 150 km away from Muzaffarabad) Azad Kashmir is proved that Pak Army itself is not safe from suicide bombing, it kills three security personnel & wounded three who performing their duties outside the army barracks. This is the second suicide bomb attack on Law Enforcement Agencies after Police Emergency Center Lahore suicide attack and simultaneously it also raises the question that how security agencies of Pakistan could save the life of general public when they could not able to save themselves from these attacks, we could not deny the fact that Black Water is not existed here in Pakistan because consecutive attack of these type is a sign of it's existence because these kind of activities have been noted wherever Black Water involves in any country of the world and it proves that Pakistan is targeted by the "Great Game of Oil and Natural Resources".

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