Bloggers Unite for Haiti

Today when I am checking my gmail inbox my eyes stuck with a mail send by Blogcatalog they send me a link for Bloggers Unite for Haiti, it is our first duty as a human to serve our best endeavors to help Haiti victims it is mention in the above link that "Nations and aid organizations around the globe are scrambling to provide aid to Haiti in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. While the listed date of this event to be 1/19/10, we ask that bloggers begin to submit relevant posts as soon as possible and continue to do so as long as more information becomes available and more aid for the citizens of Haiti is needed."

So as being a blogger I am requesting to all my fellow Bloggers to play their role to help Haiti.

Below is a link where you can find trust worthy sources of organization who engaged in aid works at Haiti. So follow the link and give your donations to bring out Haiti from this disaster.

Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief

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