India & Pakistan Start Dialogue Session On Feb 25, 2010

Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Mr. Salman Bashir has confirmed today that the Dialogue Session between two nations would be started from Feb 25, 2010, this is in the result of his call to India's counterpart Nirupama Rao who accept his offer and confirmed to meet on Feb 25 in Dehli. Ministry of External Affairs of Pakistan has issued a statement of confirmation that the offer of dialogue has been accepted and further confirmed that Pakistan would exchange the same diplomatic affairs as India will do.

I think this is a vital time rather than discussing any other conflict to open Kashmir issue first from both side and will find a positive and constructive solution of Kashmir Issue, because the only major dead lock between these two states is the issue of Kashmir, in my opinion if both countries would have find a good and positive solution to this issue then there would have nothing left between these two countries to come closer and that will create a healthy and long lasting relation. This is also requirement of the public of both side and also of the Kashmir public too, these both countries have democratic system in their Government and thus both countries will have to respect and honor the voice of public.

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