Proud of Pakistan Naseem Hameed

She is not living in a 400 or 1000 yard house and not belong to a noble or rich family, she is living in a 40 yard small house her father is an illiterate poor man, she is proud of Pakistan Miss. Naseem Hameed. who won Gold Medal in 100 meters in South Asian Games Dhaka. Talking to media her mother told that she is a genius young lady and she works for her house as like a boy not a lady. City Nazim Mustafa Kamal announced 2 lacs PKR for the brilliant performance, provincial minister Dr. M. Ali Shah also announced 1 lac PKR for her.

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  1. proud to be pakistan. our country needs us. pakistan is our home as well as our mother. plz save pakistan ,it is a request from a common pakistani ;-(


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