Eliminate The Terrorism Within 90 Days, If I Will Become The PM-Imran

Chairman of Tehrik e Insaaf and ex cricket star Mr. Imran Khan says that if he will become Prime Minister of Pakistan then he will eliminate terrorism within 90 days. (Well said Imran but in my opinion you can do it even more less time and you do not need to become the PM for this, what you have to do just leave the support of activists of northern areas so that they leave the country).

Ex Foreign Minister Mr. Qasoori says that unless the war of Afghanistan will not come at its logical end Pakistan will not become a peaceful state. He further says that all political parties have to come upon a platform to bring Pakistan out of this crisis.

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  1. If he say he can remove terrorism then he should be given a chance.

    Send flowers to Pakistan

  2. No doubt Imran Khan is a man of abilities but he must organize and establish his party.I donot see any one except Imran Khan in his party.He must work hard and appear very powerfully in the election to prove something.
    Imran Khan has said something in 2004


    watch the video and tell me do you agree with him or not

  3. eveybody deserves a chance to prove themselves. I have been following this via Pakistan News for quite a while now. Some say the efforts are futile but when we give up that is the real defeat.


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