Replacing Mac Crystal Is Acceptance of Defeat By US-Aslam Baig

“To bring Taliban on discussion table and appointing David Petraeus by replacing McChrystal is a defeat of US. US, Northern Alliance and NATO have been defeated by Taliban. Mullah Umer still has soft corner for Pakistan he beliefs that Pakistan has given sacrifice in 70’s and support Afghanistan against USSR but currently Pakistan is supporting USA.”

Pakistan ex army chief General Rtd. Aslam Baig said this in a television interview 2 days ago, he adds that the conception that Pakistan is supporting Taliban is wrong, Taliban is a fact and everyone has to accept the truth they are succeeding because of their own efforts.

When the anchor asked him about the Afghan war impact on Pakistan General Baig said that Pervaiz Musharraf bring ISI back from the borders and India got the chance to step-in in Afghanistan. Army Chief Ashfaq Kiani had decided that army would not interrupt in Government; if he not took the decision then Pervaiz Musharraf would have still in power. General Baig further said that from General Ayub Khan to Pervaiz Musharraf USA involved in the political affairs of Pakistan.

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