Measures of Understanding بات سمجھنےکی ھے

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The statement given by Altaf Hussain in his telephonic speech, in top of the discussions in these days. Everybody hear the speech and could extract the right material from out of it, as its an era of media and a general person has all type of sense to inquire anything. First I want to state the exact wording that has been delivered by Altaf Bhai on that vary day"کرپٹ سیا ست دانوں کے لیے مارشل لاء جیسی کاروائ کی حمایت کرے گے". It is the exact phrase as I seen at the local tv news channel at that day, the worse thing is that MQM and its leadership has never been accepted by the Punjab and by the establishment as well they always impose fake allegation on it and trying to mislead the public. Now at a time when MQM has now become a national political party it is now not limited to Karachi or Sindh the "Jagirdars" type of politician are now feeling insecure towards there political career as they are thinking "Oh the MQM is here too and it will soon spread through out the province as it capture the Sind". The interesting factor is that the most of the reaction upon Altaf Bhai's statement is coming from those politicians who have been created by the Marshal Law itself, the politicians whose historical background is clean are either silent or if not then their statement is not different from the leadership of MQM.

These type of politicians never want to see existence of MQM and trying to mislead the nation but the time is over now and soon or later the hands of Law will capture them.

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