MQM's Motive Is To Reduce Accessive Ownership of Land Through Land Reforms

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The dark side of Pakistan's politics is the "Wadaira'as" or "Jagirda'ars" system, these "Wadaira'as" or "Jagirda'ars"holds acres of land, enslave innocent villagers and impose their own unjust laws upon them. Our neighbor India has wiped out itself from this curse years before but unfortunately Pakistan is still facing the music of feudalism because these "Wadaira'as" or "Jagirda'ars" always been a part of Government/Legislation in every period whether there was Government of PPP, Muslim League or even Marshal Law and whenever these governments trying to implement laws regarding land reforms these "Wadaira'as" or "Jagirda'ars" always stand in front of these reforms therefore these reforms could not become part of the law.

MQM's leadership recently announced that it will soon present land reform bill in the assembly is the first step against the "feudalism" from any political party or electoral college of Pakistan, if this time other parties will not stand side by side with MQM then the curse of feudalism will never be vanished from this country, Pakistan could not eliminate illiteracy because of these feudalistic minded "Wadaira'as" or "Jagirda'ars". There are many other factors that has been affected by the "feudalism", a recent Sialkot incident is a light impression of "feudalism" even in the flood these Wadaira'as turn the flooded water towards villages just to safe their lands and history of Pakistan is filled with the black examples like these.

MQM took the right step to eradicate these black system from the country and if other senior politics will not give proper support of MQM then we could never stand upon our feet

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