PML Q & PPP, 2 Rivals of Past Are United for the Sake of Seats

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Pakistan's politics is once again repeating the past and going on traditional style of politics that remain a part of Pakistan's parliamentary system. The patch up between Pakistan Muslim League Qaid e Azam (PMLQ) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has not been swallowed by the media nor the opposition parties, however it presents a healthy political system in the country but the politicians of opposite side could not accepting the combination of PPP and PML Q, the opposite side of the politicians whether they do the same step if they were in this situation are not in a mood to accept this combination and passing irrelevant statements in this context. Media on the other hand by enjoying the situation showed negative statements videos of the past that had been passed by both parties to each other chiefly of them Qatil League and millions of money laundering cases, because media could not live without "churanlism" or choran chatni as its a strong pillar of our state.

The combination of PML Q and PPP will give strong power to democracy but whatever result will come out of this combination we have to say that politician must change thereselves and bring politness in their personalty.

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