New Philosophy of PM GST Will Control Over Pricing

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PM Yousuf Raza Gilani said that GST will reduce over pricing and control the economy, I don't know that by which calculation or formula his new philosophy is based on but I could say and understand that his philosophy will not be acceptable to the brain of a common man. This statement is merely a figure of speech, more or less same in a manner that most of people believe among us that Pervaiz Musharraf will bring the country out of crisis or the corrupt politicians bring their black money back to Pakistan that deposited in Swiss and other foreign accounts, Pervaiz Musharaf quite cigar smoking, Pakistani media starts to show fair picture to public or Nawaz Sharif left the politics.

Statements are the life blood of Pakistani politics and public is now become habitual to this most of us ignore what they listen yesterday or even after one hour but to swallow the bitter pill is a hard task for people like me , they not even remember these statements but explore them publicly.


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