Amir Khan Back in Muttihida (MQM) With 2500 Others

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The Ex Chairman Mr. Amir Khan of Mohajir Qaumi Momvement (aka MQM Haqiqi) has been retorted the Mutahida Qaumi Movement along with his 2,500 other members of Haqiqi after Muttahida Qaumi Movement Chief Altaf Hussain has accepted Aamir Khan’s apology, making way for him to retort the party and give back his party membership. The relatives of the MQM martyrs, misplaced workers and MQM creator Altaf Hussain have pardoned the ex-leader of the MQM, Aamir Khan at his request to forgive him.

On one hand Amir’s return in the party give a strong boost to Muttahida Qaumi Movement while on the other hand it will also raise question that what will be the future of Mohajir Qaumi Movement? There are also rumors Afaq Ahmed will be soon returned to his home party too but another issue is hot in these days that some underground members of Haqiqi are trying to re-boost the Mohajir Qaumi Movement although there are no exact name is in front but it is saying of some reliable political workers that Irfan Khan (Irfan Chitta of Korangi) and Mithon of Lines Area are trying to re unite the MQM (haqiqi) members and will soon publish there agenda.

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