Ijaz Offered to Record His Statement in Dubai

Mansoor Ijaz told that he will record his statement in Dubai rather then to go Pakistan. As because Ijaz believe that he will not secure in Pakistan and will apprehend if visit there.

On the other hand Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif offers Ijaz to come to Punjab and record his statement there and he will provide all type of security to Ijaz. It is another hot issue under discussions on paper and electronic media and such a time when the sovereignty of Pakistan is on stake the chief opposition part of the government offered a person whose personality and character is already a big question mark.

Simultaneously I want to ask a question from Mashahid Ullah Khan who recently wrote an article in Daily Jang and raised so many objections upon senior journalist Hasan Nisar that kindly Mr. Mashahid tells me what kind of politics is this? On the one hand you are demanding Mr. Hasan Nisar to show respect for a politician who made a tremendous record of corruption and build a steel empire from small steel shop by breaking laws after laws and through corruption, whose political emergence was belong and supported by a dictator, while on the other hand there provincial government is giving assurance of security to a person who already attempt contempt of court by refusing to appear before court. Mr. Hassan is a very senior Journalist and one among those Journalists who faithful with the country and always disclose true and fair opinions, never afraid of declaring fair views, in my opinion Mr. Mashahid it is wise that you will correct your direction and try to join some other electoral platform rather then supporting Sharifs.

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