Mansoor Refuses to Go to Pakistan

The key witness in the memo gate case Mr. Mansoor Ijaaz has recently said that he will not travel to the Pakistan for testifying himself in front of the Supreme Court regarding the argues he has made against the ex-ambassador to the USA Mr. Hussain Haqqani. Mansoor Ijaz has established his basis for not coming to Pakistan for the testimony for fear of being apprehended.

Mansoor Ijaz, who is a Pakistani entrepreneur base in US, made accusations against Hussain Haqqani maintaining that the ex-ambassador asked him to convey a letter/memo to the US which requested for US help in reining in the military of Pakistan. The memo though unidentified indicates that it comes from a high authority in the government of Pakistan which is ruled by the Pakistan People’s Party or in other words, it specify that the President Asif Ali Zardari may be concerned in asking for help from the US as there was fear in the country that the military of Pakistan might be preparation a takeover after the death of Osama bin Laden.

As an alternative Mansoor Ijaz has offered to record his evidence and present it to Supreme Court commission probing the case, said legal representative Akram Sheikh. Ijaz was scheduled to travel to Islamabad to appear before the commission on Tuesday January 24, 2012 but has disputed with the government of Pakistan that who will give assurance of his protection.

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