Budget Before Annual Budget Petrol Prices are Increase Again

New bomb has been thrown by the Government on public by increasing petroleum prices again this month. By the new increment petroleum prices has been increased up to 2.75/- per liter

Ministry of petroleum has increased petroleum prices in this month, this is the second increment of petroleum prices in the year of 2012, there were rumors from three to four days before that the petroleum prices would have been increased therefore stockist of petroleum products have earned a large amount of profit.

Government has been losing its grip on national issues and consecutive increasing prices of basic necessities have raised burdens on labor, salaried and other subjects of medium or middle class.

Petrol Prices in Pakistan increasedThere would be no policy has been ever made that could firmed the grip of government on prices specially petroleum prices, the only period where these petroleum prices were remained constant was the Pervez Musharaf's ruling period where petroleum prices had been never increased from Rs. 54/ltr for a long period of eight or nine years.

To take control on these issues Government has ensured to maintained these petroleum prices so that burden on common man would be curtailed. It was also said that ministries relating to consumer goods are increasing prices before budget for making the budget public friendly but Pakistani are now well aware of all these type of strategies and would better know that how to handle this.

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