One More Dream for Pakistan | No Electricity Breakdown from Tuesday-Naveed Qamar

This will be good news or better to say a good dream for the nation of Pakistan facing numerous crisis badly, the Federal Minister Naveed Qamar announces that there will be no electric break down from this Tuesday.  The Pakistanis already handling over pricing, living without basic necessities such as out of natural gas however natural deposits are un-countable, fear of attack of US & India and several other problems if mentioned here then it would be a big post but I am always trying to keep my post as short as easy for my reader to read in short time and understand the current affairs in a nut shell.

Our nation could not forget the big words of Raja Pervez Ashraf who declare publicly 2 years before that next year there will be no load shading, our public is now become habitual of listening these cantos.

Let us see that what kind of magic Mr. Naveed Qamar will show as they only ask to see for one day and if his words are true then there will be a miracle for Pakistani Nation.

Below is a parody video of Naveed Qamar performed by a leading actor must watch you will enjoy.

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