Chahta Bardaar Journalism v/s Professional Journalism

In the context of current rivalry between two news channels, the journalist society have been un-allegedly devided into two halves, one is in favor of or support Professional Journalism so they are supporting BOL News and Pak News, the remaining or second one is love to support their "Seths" they also called as "Moqa Parast" or "Kohsaamadi" Journalist.

Such journalists have believe that "Pakistan Resolution" had been passed on 24th March 1940 rather then 23rd March 1940 similarly they have objection on celebrating "Independence Day" on 14th August as they believe that it was happened on 15th of August.

When things go beyond the desire and believes of common man and specially a Patriotic man then revolutions will take place and noting could be established without the consent of Public.

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