Jun 13, 2015

NA-246 By-Election in Karachi- (Posted on 17-Apr-2015)

Apr 24, 2015

If Nahari were the Only Source to Become MNA Then......

If Nahari or Nehari were the main vitamin or source to become MNA then, at least one person of the family would be an MNA among the residents of Azizabad and Sadar Karachi (Javed Nehari in Azizabad & Sabri & Zahid Nahari in Sadar Karachi).

Imran Ismail says that "Hum nay Khauf Kay But Tor Diye", but what about the public who is facing the fear of Rangers in the constituency of NA-246 and in Karachi. I don't know why PTI is so much optimistic in a constituency where their voter turn out was not more than 10 to 15% but I think that is why Haider Abbas Rizvi of MQM said PTI candidate to visit the NA-246 off and on even after 23 Apr, 2015 (i.e., after By-Election) so that he can aware of the issues related to this constituency.

Some anchors in electronic media still not ready to accept the victory of MQM and blaming the Chief of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain to use Urdu or Muhajir Card in this by-election, may be they forget that there is no need to use such card in a constituency where population of Urdu speakings are more than 90%. In another program where Khush Bakht Shuja'at of MQM present on a phone call an anchor blamed the success of Election Jalsa's (conventions) by saying that the gathering of conventions were the employees of KBCA, Education Department, Water Board & naming several other Government & Private institutions where majority of Urdu speaking community is working, who takes salaries from these departments and give their attendance/presence to MQM election campaigns and conventions, by saying that maybe he forgets that the office timings of these departments are normally 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM or 5:00 PM while majorly all election campaigns started in the evening after 6:00 or 7:00 PM, the second thing he was forgetting that his words are becoming a proof that MQM brings prosperity to Urdu Speaking Community by creating jobs in these Departments and returns this community will ultimately vote to the MQM.

I don't say anything else because this is a time that the Urdu Community must understand the meaning of the famous words of Quaid Tehrik Altaf Hussain when he said once that "by creating such scenarios for Urdu Community maybe the Establishment forget the 1971 incident".

At the end I congratulate the MQM and Mr. Kanwar Naveed Jamil on marvelous victory in by-election of NA-246.

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Mar 14, 2015

The Real Face of India - BBC Documentary Banned

The documentary made by BBC, named “India’s Daughter,” portrays how Jyoti Singh was trodden and gang raped on a bus as it was driving around Indian Capital “Delhi” in 2012. She soon after died in a hospital in Singapore. Her male friend also was harshly beaten but stayed alive.

One of the accused, bus driver Ram Singh, allegedly hanged himself in his jail compartment. His brother, Mukesh Singh, and three other men, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta, were convicted of rape and murder and punished to death. One other accused, a young, was given the highest sentence of three years in a reform facility.

Subsequent the occurrence, the Indian government passed new sexual stabbing laws, together with one that set a mandatory bare minimum sentence of 20 years for gang rape.

A documentary portraying the assault, prepared by Leslee Udwin, was meant to be telecasted in India on March 8, International Women’s Day, but the Indian government held its release on March 4 for panic of inciting more aggression, officials said. The #BBC ended up broadcasting it that day in the UK.

The film also shows footage of the enormous street protests around India that ensued, along with dialogues with the victim’s parents, Badri and Asha.

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Jan 3, 2015

How to Make a Governmental Institute More Effective and Less Corrupt (Part II)

This post is a second part of "How to Make a Governmental Institute More Effective and Less Corrupt"

The evident slogan: "It is politics just as before" is as well limited as the actual cause. To destroy any political impact is no solution within a democratic process.

I feel that there are three, also related, underlying factors.

Inadequate interest of the population and its politicians for public and political benefits to determine a clear purpose to each Ministry, what ever this purpose may be.

The goal can even be: "to place everyone to work" to avoid social anxiety, to make an electoral platform; as long as the goal is completely clear. The key between a democratic system lies in clearly declaring by majority recognized, realistic, measurable, to achieve goals. If the politicians would pay more particular attention to clearer communication and checking of targets for the Government – goals which are recognized by the population – it could have advantages for both politicians and the population.

Inadequate attention of the population and its politicians to the building of a full employment substitute in the private sector.

Social employment leads to inadequate gratitude for public officials and private entrepreneurs who do have a clear aim and who are doing a good job. In the long-standing this leads to need of a society and therefore also of its political actors. If the politicians jointly with the "captains of industry" and the social and educational world really make work of a full employment substitute in the private sector and would take concern of the essential "adjustment", than the stress would reduce on people that have been, for social reasons, wrongly lodged.

Inadequate interest of the political actors on the political benefits to have a clear relation between aim and staff. Understatement of personnel affairs within the government leads to a negligible, executive role for personnel affairs. However, these people continue the machine going; the staff should not only be recognized, but should be scheduled in a correct and consistent style. If you give people no target, nor task, than the bulk of your public officials will disperse themselves a (possibly rootless) destination and (ir)responsibilities. On top of this, if your staff is subjective rewarded, promoted or dismissed of just not cared for enough and the public official lets this happen, than you create harms in a country where a large part of the labour population is a public servant. This has a destructive effect, per incorrectly accommodated official, up to four or five possible voters. So accommodating people wrongly has a harmful result on government, public officials, the people and for the politicians. If the politicians would give more notice to establishing clear objectives per department, to the development of a employment option and accommodating on the base of clear structure states – in such a method that the accommodated people have a clear objective and a clear spot – then politicians could form a positive consequence, not only within the government, but also within their voting public and thus increase politically from improved accommodation.

Accommodation would then be based on plain guideline and is generally acknowledged. The simple understanding of the social, political and economic payback of: undoubtedly defined and communicated targets per Ministry; investing in a different employment in the private sector; a clearer connection between aim and staffing (better accommodation); can stimulate people to change a little, to improve. And the social, political and economic payback of the three changes stated above is sufficient.

We think of: ministerial services that are clearer, quicker and more professionally be performed; ministerial services that are exercised cheaper; officials with a clear job to perform, know where they place and where to go; officials who are not embarrassed of their profession, but are respected; private entrepreneurs who are doing well and are happy to employ people; politicians who are appreciated more by the people; a population with a purchasing power; a population that has self-assurance in their politicians; a well served population. The responsibility of the above stated causes and the producing of the social and political benefits lie not only by the politicians, but also with the public officials who let this take place, as well as with the whole population. Something can be prepared about it!

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