Only 0.2 Million of the 2.38 Million People Are Living In Camps

Ron Redmond, spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees is reported that Only 200,000 of the 2,380,000 people expected to have escaped the Swat violence are living in camps, "the vast majority of people are staying with friends, relatives, taking care of themselves, even renting accommodation," he told a news conference.

Redmond said, however, that many of those now sheltering in others' homes could be forced to move to the packed camps if the fighting between government and Taliban forces continued.

"These host families cannot afford to keep them indefinitely. That is a concern," he said.

I say that

Who want to leave his own home but some time condition changes the men mind and he has to leave his beloved home where he spent his good time from childhood to become an old man, from a poor to become a successful man the people of Pakistan's northwest area where the armed forces are throbbing rebellious Taliban face ‘humanitarian devastation’ except help reaches them shortly.

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