Huge Challenges For Pakistan After Swat War, AFP

Grenades, rifles, knives and an ornate sword of the kind allegedly used by the Taliban to behead foes lay on a table in a Pakistan military base, an apparent victor's bounty seized by the army. Among the rocket launchers, Osama Bin Laden T-shirt and bombs hidden in pressure cookers are more mundane signs of life -- passports, driving licences and a child's biology book filled with careful handwritten notes.

World is looking towards Pakistan and if Pakistan fails to overcome the Taliban insurgents in the northwest then chances of super power or powers’ involvement would not be ignored, as I mentioned in my previous posts that US examines the Swat operation to check the nuclear armed Pakistan's capability to tackle insurgents in the northwest and if Pakistan’s fails to proof its strength then it would be possible that US will take over the northwest operation and Pakistan’s nuclear assets as well because Nuclear equipped Pakistan will not be acceptable to west and situations more or less are going accordingly.

The northwest war is enhanced now and its routes are spreading rapidly throughout the country recent blasts in Lahore, Quetta & Sargodha are the parts of this enhanced war, very soon after Lahore blasts its acceptance by the TTP (Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan) is the solid proof of this notion that war is not limited only in the northwest but it extends to the whole country and if registration of IDPs will not handle properly then chances of hurdles will increase because this idea is not wrong that Taliban will enter the cities in masquerade of IDPs.

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