Blast Kills At Least 3 in East Pakistan

An explosion rocked a small village in eastern Pakistan on Monday, killing at least three people, police said. Some 25 people were wounded, while local media reported at least two dozen homes were damaged or destroyed.

The blast occurred in the Mian Channu area, local police officer Zafar Iqbal said. There was no word on what caused the blast or whether it was linked to militants, and no group immediately claimed responsibility.

Mian Channu is not far from the eastern city of Lahore, which has been a target of several militant attacks in recent months. The biggest attacks have targeted the visiting Sri Lankan cricket team and police and intelligence facilities.

We are still unsafe, may be Taliban is travelling side by side with IDPs, Government have to ensure proper registration of IDPs so that insurgents or activists could tracked. A local news channel reported that there would be some lack in vehicle search or snap system at Lahore Tool Plaza. The news channel also interviewed a Police Officer conducting the vehicle searching procedure at Lahore Tool Plaza the Police Officer replied in a question that “if we search every vehicle then their would be huge traffic jam we only checked vehicles those are looking doubtful”.

Above review is based on Geo.tv news

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